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Fuel Systems Solutions is a pioneer in gaseous fuel - propane (LPG) and natural gas (CNG) - technology for transportation and industrial applications that generate savings, reduce emissions, and promote energy independence. The US-based industry leader delivers proven alternative fuel system technology to more than 120 OEM and delayed-OEM customers as well as 400 after-market distributors/dealers in 70 countries.
Transportation brands, including BRC, GFI, TA Gas Technology, and Zavoli, have placed systems and components in over 5.5 million vehicles globally. IMPCO, the industrial brand launched in 1958, powers industrial forklifts, sweepers, power generators and construction equipment. Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. the publicly traded holding company was formed in 2006.

Corporate Address
Fuel Systems Solutions

3030 South Susan Street
Santa Ana, California 92704-6435
Voice. (714) 656-1300
Facsimile. (714) 656-1401

Investor Relations
Kirsten Chapman / Cathy Mattison
Lippert/Heilshorn & Assciates, inc.
44 Montgomery St. Suite 3520
San Fransisco, CA 94104
Voice. (415) 433-3777
Facsimile. (415) 433-5577

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